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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

08 April 2015

Fellow beekeepers,

 OJ and Lucy received a call yesterday from Joel R McCrory of Pensacola, FL who has a farm in the DeFuniak Springs area.  He asked if our club members might be interested in farming their bees on his land.  He plants approx. 10 acres in vegetables.  His grandson who is 28 would watch over the hives but knows nothing about beekeeping.  He doesn't want the honey and is open to discussing compensation for the hives.   He is on Hwy 331 about 1 mile north of HWY 90. His phone # : 850-455-2193.  You can contact him directly if you are interested.

Just  a heads up the this is for our FL members only as it is illegal to transport bees across state lines.

 Thanks for you time,

 Karen Brock

QCBA Secretary

31 March 2015

Hello fellow beekeepers,
Attached are the minutes for the 3/28/2015 meeting of the QCBA.
We had very informative presentations and discussions about swarms and trap outs.
For those that missed it and those who wish to revisit info on the links is included in the minutes.
At our next meeting on 4/25/2105, OJ Blount will discuss what we should be planting for our bees, when and how.  I will publish a list of the plants to be discussed in the e-mail I send out a week before the meeting.  Any information that you have on plants is welcome. He will also provide information for beginning beekeepers.  
Thanks you for your interest,
Karen Brock
Secretary QCBA

30 March 2015

Hi all,

Gary and Vicky Barrow have swarms available for purchase.  You need to bring your own box to the Barrow's. Cost is $100.  If interested please contact them @334.222.6887, 334.343.3361 or gbandvb@centurylink.net or mollyandsam@centurylink.net


 Karen  Brock

Secretary QCBA

23 March 2015

Hello fellow beekeepers,
Don't forget that the March meeting for QCBA is this Saturday 3/28 @ 9:30.  This meeting's main topic will be swarms and swarm capture.  Please bring a side dish.  Meat and drinks provided.

Hope to see you there,

 Karen Brock

secretary QCBA

04 March 2015

Hello fellow beekeepers,
To all of you who attended the meeting on Sat, 2/28 -  thanks for coming. It was a great time.
To all of you who weren't there - you missed an informative meeting.
The minutes for both the executive committee and members meetings will be posted on the QCBA website soon.  Link to website is

 The next meeting is on Saturday March 28 @ 9:30.  Hope to see you there.

 We will view a video of a swarm capture flowed by discussion of swarms and then an open discussion.  For some YouTube videos on swarm removal check out 628DirtRooster

  I will send a reminder e-mail with the meeting's agenda closer to the meeting's date and include the lunch menu.

 As always, if you wish to be remove from our e-mail list just let me know.


23 February 2015

 Hi all,
Don't forget that this Saturday, Feb 28th, is our monthly meeting.  Meeting starts @9:30.

This month we will have a fish and chicken fry. Please bring a side dish and drink. 

Please see website if you need directions.  http://queenscastlebeekeepersassociation.com/

Also, we will have 3 speakers. Don Sobczak from Knoxville, TN will be talking about bee inspections.

Neranza Blount will be putting a hot wax coating over a photo.  Her specialty is encaustics. 

Paul Watson, of Forest, MS will show a video of swarm catching. 

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.


06 February 2015

Hi All,
My name is Karen Brock.  I was elected the secretary for the QCBA @ the January meeting. 

I wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know a few things.
We elected new officers @ the January meeting.  Here are your new officers:
Gary Barrow - president
OJ Blount - vice-president
Karen Brock - secretary
Lucy Blount - treasurer
Our next meeting will be Saturday morning, 2/28 @ 9:30.  We will have 3 speakers. Don Sobczak from Knoxville, TN will be talking about bee inspections. Neranza Blount will be putting a hot wax coating over a photo.  Her specialty is encaustics.  Paul Watson, of Forest, MS will show a video of swarm catching.  His bio is attached.

As always we are looking for input from members as to the topics that they would like to be discussed at meetings.  Please send any requests to me via e-mail.

Attached you will find a link to QCBA website. Please visit for information about the association, educational notes and links to videos and minutes of past meetings.

I have also attached a link to the Alabama Beekeepers Association.  There is an application form for membership, educational notes and links to many other sites.  Back issues of newsletters are available to all.  http://www.alabamabeekeepers.com/

 If you wish to be removed from this list just let me know.

 Looking forward to seeing you on 2/28.



--------------------------------------------------------Karen  (Secretary)--------------------------------------------------------------


22 July 2013


Hey everyone! 
Hope you are excited about our club's meeting this Saturday! 
OJ and Lucy have some great ideas to share with everyone, from ways to protect our hives to ways of producing better gardens for our bees to pollinate.  The fellowship we have as a group always answers many questions everyone has.  And you should never leave without an answer to your bee question or a follow up phone call promise from one of us when we get the answer.  Remember we are training beekeepers to be successful and that beekeeper is you.
What a wonderful time at the EXPO, we all learned much about how to present our surplus to possible customers.  Much to talk about.  And now as the summer wines down there are steps we need to take to prepare a successful winter also. 
Come with ideas to share, questions and be sure to bring some sort of cover dish if you wish to stay for the trip to the bee yard afterwards.  Lucy and OJ will have the meat to go with what we bring to share.  It should be another great time of improving our craft.
See You There,


18 June 2013

Hey everybody, hope you are having a wonderful June working with your bees.  I know Harold and Erica Barnes have been very busy with the Expo and all the details involved with that.  For the rest of us I want to update you on where we are at and what we still need to make the Expo a success for our club.

Gary, Vickie, OJ, Lucy and I worked out the layout of the booth for our shelves and tables.  For our sign we will use either the one OJ has coming or the one I paint for us, either one will be a good attractor for the crowd to come our way. 

We still need "goodie items" to be donated place in the one or two baskets we raffle off to help pay the club back for the cost of the booth.  The costs has taken our account down to about only $25 left so we need to work on making the baskets attractive and full so folks will want to pay a $1.00 for the ticket to get a chance to win.  With all our schedules we will most likely finish the basket or baskets during our set up on Thursday the 27th.  Let's all bring something that will make it very desirable and lots of people will buy a ticket.

Set up will be the 27th and we are meeting at OJs at 8:00 to load up trucks and trailers to haul the tables and shelves to the EXPO.  We do not need everyone, but we need some of yawl to volunteer and be there for this movement and then those that can be there for tear down also on Sunday at 5:00pm.  I have to be in Montgomery on Thursday for a doctor's appointment but still planning on helping with the move to the EXPO.

We need you to bring your honey, wax, lip balm and other bee related items to sell and make yourself some money from your bees.  This will be the biggest opportunity for the year to have people see your wares.  You get great exposure and it is a great opportunity to talk to people about our precious bees.

Susan Carter is bringing the hand extractor for us to demonstrate how we get honey from the bees.  Susan you can drop that by either Thursday or Friday morning before the doors open for the public to start walking in?  Just let me or Vickie know when you will be able to bring that by, so we can meet you outside and help to bring that in.  I will bring the strainers and stuff to do the recapping.

We need everyone to come and enjoy the EXPO but also to come and help to man our booth for a short time or as long as you like.   We could also use some help doing the extraction demonstrations.  We will be doing two Thursday and Friday and I think one on Sunday.  Please let me know when you think you can come and support the booth even for just an hour or two will help.

It is all going to be a blast and last year I learned even more about our bees while having the opportunity to talk about them.  We might even make it on TV again like we did last year.  It was great press for our club and we got several phone calls after the show was over.  A couple of people came later and joined the club as the result of the EXPO to.  So come on and let the fun begin.

We will also have Dana and Karuna to show their essential oils to the public also as part of our booth. And I heard something from Lucy about some beautifully painted jars also.  So it is all going to be something great for all our members.


Please email me or Gary and Vickie so we know what you are going to bring or drop off for us to take.  My home phone is 334-376-9824.  I will be out of town this weekend, but still checking my email.

I am sure I am missing something I am suppose to tell you more, but just ask if something comes to your mind.


Serving Mankind with our Honeybees,


07 January 2013


Hello everyone, It seems like it has been a long time since we last met.  Hope ya'll all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas and got through the new year. 
It is time to get busy with our bee equipment, so that we will be ready for the swarm season beginning in early March for most of us.  Just a reminder that we will be meeting on the last Saturday this month, which is the 26th at 10:00.  Our lunches has been so good, thanks for everyone bringing just a little something to add to the spread.  OJ will be running the meeting this month because of a conflict in my personal calendar, so I will see ya'll on February 23d.  We need you there to pick our new officers or to confirm the old ones we have.
I wanted to forward this email from Dr. Tew to all of ya'll because it is the Bee Symposium that is at Auburn University.  It is such a wonderful opportunity to learn so many things from some of our country's and state's authorities in beekeeping.  I want to draw your attention to the per-registration deadline of January 21st.  The cost for the symposium and lunch is only $20.00 before that date and afterwards it is $30.00.  The $10.00 you save will come in handy with gas to get there.  There will be special classes just for the beginning beekeepers throughout the day.  So there is something for everyone.  And if you want to go but don't want to go alone, please let me or the Blounts know and we can work out a ride for you with someone else that is going.  There should be 300 or more beekeepers there for this gathering.  It is so good!
If you use the link below and a credit card you can do all the registration online to save a stamp and writing a check.  Or print out the registration and mail it in.

I want to let you know that Elmer Herman with Millie Bee Supply with be coming to our club meeting in March. He will be bring packaged bees (5 frames with comb and bees) for you if you order them soon.  Most packages have to be ordered ahead of time so that he can make sure he has enough set aside for you too.  His phone numbers are (850)762-2255, (850)557-3409 or (334)596-7099. I am not sure of this year's cost of the package, but just ask him when you call. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon, hopefully at the Symposium,
Training Beekeepers to be Successful



29 November 2012


I wanted to let all of you know that the club is going to the "Plow Days" in Jay, Florida Saturday and we ask that you join us there.  This will be an open air display of honey and beekeeping education for the public.  We need your help to set up and to tear down our display out of our new club trailer.  It looks really great when it is set up.  We can do more in less space with the trailer.  If you have not seen it yet then you should come just for that.  We can use your help throughout the day to man the booth also.  We decided to support this last Saturday at our club meeting.  Gary Barrow brought it to our attention.  Hope you can come and have a great day with other club folks.  And you can enjoy the "Plow Days" activities as well.
There will be room in our booth to sell any bee related items you wish to bring.  Candles, Wax, Pollen, Photos, Cream Honey, and of course Honey, but you can also bring anything else you want to sell or show off to the public.  We expect a lot of people there to walk by our booth.  Should be a good day for our club.
And a reminder that our next club meeting will be the last Saturday in Janruary and we will have a work day at the Blounts with lots of fellowship on the 8th of December.  It will be work and a holiday meal together. 
Hope you can make it to one or both of these events,
Directions to "Plow Days":  Go South on Hwy 29 from Flomington, thru Century, Florida.  Just South of Century take a Left on Hwy 4 and you will be going east to Jay.  Go through Jay on Hwy 4 and about 2.2 miles from the east side of Jay you will turn right on Hwy 399, which is Country Mill Rd.  You will go about another 2.2 miles South on Country Mill road and you will see "Plow Days" on the right side of the road.  The address is 4463 Country Mill Road.
We will be meeting there about 8:00am to set up, not sure of the tear down time, sometime in the afternoon.


07 September 2012


Also for all those that are near Mckenzie we will be at the Sweet Home Baptist Church Saturday tomorrow talking about our precious bees and selling honey. It is for the Kenny Seales Fund Rasier to bennifit a special home for families of cancer patients. We will be there all morning and mid afternoon so come on by. There is a run/walk for the fundrasier that starts at 8:30, but we will not be running. If you can come on by and visit us there. If coming from the south watch as you approach mile marker 47 there is a railroad crossing just past it. You want to make a left just before the crossing and you will see the church dead ahead about a 1/4 of a mile.
Bees are more valuable than gold to our worlds food supply,
Keith Robinson



19 August 2012

Hope all is going well with you, your families and your bees,

On the 8th of September we will be having a smaller booth (16x8) to sell our honey and talk about bees and our club to the people of McKenzie and Butler County area.  It is a one day bennefit called, Kenny Seales 5k Run Walk.  There will be a run, small concert, several kinds of booths to include food booths and several things for the kids too.  It is to raise money for a place that families stay when their loved ones are undergoing cancer treatment.  We will have to be there at 7:00am to set up because everything starts at 8:30.  It will not be near as many people there as was at the Andalusia EXPO, but you never know what something like this could mean to our club.  So if you want to show up and show your honey be there at 7:00 and help OJ, Lucy and I set up.  OJ now has a nice trailer to haul all our display equipment, so it will be much easier to be ready for opportunities like these in our future.  the place is not hard to find, and will provide a map later.  It is at Sweet Home Baptist Church just south of McKenzie proper.

Hope you can join us with this effort or swing by to see what is going on with a bennefit like this for others in need.

Anyway, A wonderful opportunity for the club, bees and honey,




18 August 2012


I should have sent this to all of you so much sooner than today. My only excuse is it got buried in the inbox and I procrastinated getting to our club's business until now. It is going to be a very good meeting Saturday and I hope so many of you will attend. I believe that what we are going to cover is just in time for most of us to save as many bees as possible during this year's swarming season which is almost on top of us. Hope to see you Saturday.
I hope to have the newest yearly calendar there to pass out. It will be a tool for you to use in managing your bees this year.
Your new Secretary,


--------------------------------------------------------Keith  (Secretary)--------------------------------------------------------------


04 July 2012


Hope you are all enjoying Independence Day!!!

We had a wonderful time at Kid's Day last Saturday! We had about 32 in attendance and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. We had no big problems, no one got stung or hurt in any other way and we had plenty of good food and fellowship. We met two new members and several others who are beekeeper-wanna-bees. A great big thank you to all who helped and to all who came.  We learned several things not to do next year and a few things to do differently. I think the honey extraction was the hit of the day...thank you so much Kip and Susan for bringing your extractor!

Lucy called the other night to tell me some big news.......... the team from Rossman Apiaries is going to have a booth right next to ours at the expo!!! So that means that if anyone needs any equipment, be sure to call Rossman and they will bring it with them and you can avoid freight charges!!! You can order on-line at www.GAbees.com or call at 1-800-333-7677 or fax to (229) 985-0209.

OJ and Lucy will also have some tickets for our members to purchase for the expo...she will let everyone know when they are ready.

See you at our July meeting!

--------------------------------------------------------Donna  (Secretary)--------------------------------------------------------------



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