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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.


6th Year, 4th Minutes for the Queen’s Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

April 30, 2016

21980 U. S. Hwy 29, Andalusia, AL  36420, 334-222-0751/376-9824



Gary called the meeting to order.

Lucy opened the meeting with prayer.

Karen Brock read last month’s minutes.

Treasurer’s report: $839.60

Split hives when blackberries begin to bloom.

When a hive is split:

1.       Put 6 frames from the old hive in a new box

2.       Put the old queen in the new box.

3.       Fill both boxes with additional frames – the foraging bees will return to the old hive.

4.       The new hive can be set by the old hive or moved to a new location.

5.       The old hive will make a new queen.

Be aware that the newly emerged queen may not make it back to the hive from her mating flight.  Watch for pollen collection. 

Deformed wing growth can be a sign of mite infection; CCD

If using a solid bottom board a strong hive will keep it clean.

A gap of 1 ½” between the hive and a lime tray is needed to keep hive beetles from reaching the hive.

Webbing on frames is a sign of wax moths. Freeze the frame or put in a chicken yard.  Cinnamon can be used for ant control.

OJ wants to have classes on hive building.  The front porch keeps the rain out of the hive.  Screen the vent holes to keep roaches and lizards out.

Bees will fill the center of supers first so do not add supers until they have almost filled the previous one.  Full supers can be put above empty supers if wanted but make sure the super is almost full.

Queens make a noise or ”pipe.”  You will know this noise when you hear.

There is not specific amount of time that a swarm will stay where it lands.  The more activity on the outside of the swarm, the closer they are to leaving.  Can be sprayed with sugar water to subdue.

We then had a meal of pork country ribs with all of the fixins’. 

Our next meeting will be 6/25 @ Lucy’s and OJ’s.












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