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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.


5th Year, 9th Minutes for the Queen’s Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

October 31, 2015

21980 U. S. Hwy 29, Andalusia, AL  36420, 334-222-0751/376-9824



October 31, 2015

Gary called the meeting to order.

Lucy Blount led us in prayer.

Karen read the minutes from the August meeting.

Treasury report:  As of 10/31/15 bank balance was $748.60.

Old business:

Need to work on a list of people who will get swarms.  Information on swarm capture – person collecting the swarm, size of swarm, location, where was the swarm, had the bees been sprayed with chemical.

We also wish to start a list of suppliers for essential oils.  So far we have:

1.            Mountain Crafted  www.mountaincrafted.com

2.            The Chemistry Store    www.chemistrystore.com

3.            Glory Bee   www.BeekeepingGloryBee.com

New business:

Millie Bee wants to use our beginner’s beekeeping book for a class that he gives.  We need to contact him about giving the class @ QCBA meeting in the spring.

OJ suggested keeping empty frames in a greenhouse.  They are exposed to light and heat which reduces pests.

Karen gave a short report on the highlites of the Annual Alabama Beekeepers meeting.

It was suggested that a small black cloth sprayed with a scent can help attract swarms.

Alabama’s annual bee symposium is Sat., Feb 6th.  Registration being accepted now.

OJ reported that Vitex planted out by the road that was cut by the county would re-blossom.

Gary demonstrated making a pollen substitute :

1 part Brewers yeast

1 part non-fat dry milk

3 parts soy flour

Mix thoroughly.

This can be mixed with honey or sugar water to make patties.  Do not use the milk in patties.  Place the patty between pieces of wax paper. Remove the bottom piece of paper and place on the top of the frames.  Store extras in the frig.

Dry mixture can be placed in the yard.  Bees will get what they want and ignore if they do not need.  Feed every couple weeks during dry weather.

Entirelypets.com is a source for brewers yeast.

Can we collect data from members about winter losses?

Gary has various contacts who want honey.  We will give out info in the spring.

US Plastics is a source for plastic honey jars.

Comb honey in a pint jar sold for $15 per pint.

There is special foundation to use in supers for comb honey.

Gary is planning a class on hive assembly.  He will e-mail info to Karen once he finalizes.

Mann Lake has an e-mail list and will send info about items on sale.

Shane Gebauer has a video library on the Brushy Mountain website.

We had a great lunch of chili and various side dishes and desserts.

Lucy and OJ held a raffle for the club building fund.

Those present were: OJ and Lucy Blount, Gary and Vicky Barrow, Karen Brock, Sharon Campbell, Joe Blount, John Kilmer, Jimmy Palmer, Daniel, Mary, Allison & Nathan Schellenberger,  Tommy Wright.

Our next meeting will be 11/28 @ Lucy’s and OJ’s.












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