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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.


5th Year, 4th Minutes for the Queen’s Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

April 25, 2015

21980 U. S. Hwy 29, Andalusia, AL  36420, 334-222-0751/376-9824



April 25, 2015

President, Gary Barrow, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.

Mrs. Lucy led in prayer.

The treasury report was given: $764.93 plus $15 in dues.


It was reported that Millie Bee was running late on their queen deliveries. 

They hope to have an update next week as to when they might deliver them.


The World Beekeeping Association wants to come to the U.S. for their 2019

meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


If anyone wants to join the Alabama Beekeeper's Association, the dues are $10

per person for the year. They also have THE STINGER monthly newsletter you can

receive either through the mail or by email, if you join.

The ABA's picnic will be in May, if anyone is interested in going.

It was stated that Tractor Supply has a bag of pollinator mix seed that will plant

200 square feet, if anyone would like to plant this for the bees.


On YouTube, under Bee Hugger, they have information about The Smoker, Hive

Inspection, First Aid and other topics.


Lucy said that the NEBA would have a speaker at Walnut Hill, speaking on Queens.


OJ gave a very informative talk about plants that can be planted for the bees.

He talked about long blooming plants, and about some old timey plants that

cannot be bought, but you can take cuttings off of, such as the fragrant



To tell if a plant is invasive, check the middle of the stem, and if there is a hole in

it, then it is an invasive plant.


White Dutch clover will bloom first, and then the Huban clover.


Vitex will bloom in May, June and in July. A good place to plant Vitex is along the

fence row.


Popcorn trees grow well in damp places and will bloom first, for about a month, in

May. They also have second flower to bloom later.

The male Persimmon trees will bloom, beginning in May, and last for over a



The running honeysuckle vine has to have another bug to make an opening to the

nectar, where then the honeybee will be able to get to the nectar.


Luffa can be planted for their flowers and their sponges.

The tea olive plant is a shrub.


Buckwheat can be planted up to five times a year, and it is a triangle shaped seed.

You can let your turnip, rape and lettuce plants make flowers, after you have

finished harvesting them.


Open heart camellia bushes are good winter flowers for the bee.

Other plants and flowers were also discussed.


The queen bee can mate with several drones, and there will be different colored

bees in one hive.


The topic about LED lights being bad for the honeybees was discussed.

The following discussion on hive beetles was:


If you have two hive bodies, then you are giving the hive beetles more room to

hide. And in the winter time when you have fewer bees, it's harder for those few

bees to patrol both hive bodies.


It was stated that Mann Lake Bee Supply Company had something to put on the

ground to kill the hive beetle.


Natural remedies for pest were also discussed.


A pizza luncheon was enjoyed by all.


After lunch, Mr. OJ took off several honey supers, and extracted some honey.

Those present were: OJ and Lucy Blount, Joe Blount, Jimmie Winters, Daniel

Schellenberger and Allison & Nathan, Randy Schaffer, Dirk Price, Terry Pickard,

Linda & Whim Mellown, Jimmie Palmer and Gary & Vicky Barrow.


Our next meeting will be May 30,2015.



Lucy Blount

OJ Blount

Jimmy Winters & Randy Shaffer

Vicky Barrow

Alicen & Dan Schellenberger, Gary Barrow

Nathan Schellenberger

Wem & Linda Malone

Joe Blount

Dirk Price


Jimmy Palmer




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