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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.


5th Year, 1st Minutes for the Queen’s Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

January 31, 2015

21980 U. S. Hwy 29, Andalusia, AL  36420, 334-222-0751/376-9824

Mrs. Lucy Blount, our President, welcomed everyone, then led in prayer.

Everyone introduced themselves.


Vicky Barrow read the minutes of the November 2014 meeting.

Mrs. Lucy gave the treasurer's report. We have $696.92.

Dues are still $10 per person and $15 per family per year.


There was no old business.


Under new business:


The topic of whether to keep our QCBA website, or to have a newer website created; and did we want to start

up a Club Facebook page, was discussed.  The motion was made and approved to keep our QCBA website for $14.99 a year;

and Randy Shaffer would look into creating a Facebook account for our club.


Gary Barrow passed out papers announcing The Annual Tree Sale by the Covington County

Forestry Center. The sale will be February 4th, 5th, and 6th from 3 till 5, at the USDA Agriculture

Service Center in Andalusia. They will have a variety of trees for sale for only a dollar a piece. A

lot of the trees listed are good trees to have for our honeybees.


Mrs. lucy passed out the 2015 monthly calendars.  These list the things that need to be done to

take care of our honeybees. This month we are to be checking our equipment, feeding the bees

and ordering bees. Mr. OJ said Millie Bee Supply Company had five frame nucs for $125. You

can call Millie Bee and they will send you a copy of their bee supply price list.


There will be a NEBA workshop at the Pensacola State College in Milton, Florida on Saturday,

February 14, 2015. Mrs. Lucy passed out registration forms to anyone that was interested in

going, since the pre-register date for the fee to be sent in is, Saturday, February 7, 2015.


Election of officers were as follows:

President. Gary Barrow

Vice-President, OJ Blount

Secretary, Karen Brock

Assistant Secretary, Vicky Barrow

Treasurer, Lucy Blount

(Mrs. Lucy will look into taking Keith Robinson's name off the signature card at the bank, since

he has moved; and Gary Barrow's name will have to be added, as a backup person).

Photographer/Historian, Sharon Campbell

Assistant Photographer/ Web Master, Randy Shaffer


Election of the Board of Directors:

Jimmie Winters

Don Helton

Lucy Blount

Gary Barrow

Randy Shaffer

(Karuna McAlister will be contacted about removing her name from the BOD, since she has moved).

The Officers and the Board of Directors decided to meet 30 minutes before each regular

meeting, to discuss any business or plan of events.


Karen Brock asked "What exactly does the Board of Directors do?"

Jimmie Winters explained that his understanding was, that the Board discussed ways to

improve the club association, club meetings and the club bylaws; and then made the

recommendations and suggestions to the club. The Board was not a governing body but a suggesting body.


It was decided that the club would plan on events and activities coming up, on a monthly basis

instead of trying to plan a whole year in advance.  Mrs. Lucy said we would be having  three

speakers for our February 28th meeting.  Mr. OJ's daughter, Neranza and her husband

Don, would be here and would each give a program.  Mr. Paul Watson  from Mississippi,

the author of MAKING HONEY THE OLD FASHION WAY, will also be here.


The following topics were discussed:  Concerning possible events for the year,

John Kilmer suggested having a Family Day instead of a Kid's Day. This will be looked in to.


Jimmie Winters is to check with the Escambia Extension Officer, Ken Kelley, to see what kid's

events they will be having that we might help with; and any way they might help us with any

events we might have. He is also to check on possibly getting help for first time beekeepers.


Mr. Terry Pickard said he'd checked into a program where the State Department of Ag and

Industry in Montgomery (he talked with a Mr. John McMillan) would help pay for a new

beekeeper's first hive. This will have to be looked into more fully.


Ways to be more involved with the Alabama State Beekeeper's Association and them more

involved with us were discussed. We might possible try having them list our events and our

activities in their monthly letter, The Stinger. We will also do better in letting our members

know of any statewide events coming up concerning the Alabama Beekeeper's Association.


Gail Anthony asked if anyone could help her get the bees out of a tree in her yard. Ways were

discussed on how to do this, and Jimmie Winters will check this out.


Mr. OJ discussed the variety of plants and trees that bloomed all year long, and how important

it was to have something blooming all the time for the honeybees.  You can plant pine

trees behind the the bee boxes, then when the old queen swarms, she will not have

far to go, to find a place to land. That way you can easily get the swarm into a box.

When the pine trees begin to grow taller, just cut off the tops to a height you can reach.

You can also put old frames into an old hive, and set this hive out of sight and away from your

other hives. You might possible get a hive of bees this way.  Mr. OJ has gone to the

schools and taken an observation hive. Each grade of students would come by,

look at the hive; then he would talk about the bees and answer any questions they would have.

Mr. OJ's goal is to get $1000 worth of honey off of each of his hives.


There was talk about children's bee clothing and protective bee clothing for people who were

allergic to bee stings. There is supposed to be a three layer material used in some bee suits that

you cannot not get stung in. You can also wear leather gloves that the honeybee cannot sting



After the blessing, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal of chili and soup, side dishes and some

yummy desserts.  Members went outside, following the meal, to check Mr. OJ's hives and lime trays.


Those present were: OJ& Lucy Blount, Randy Shaffer, Jimmie & Sara Winters, John Kilmer,

Sharon Campbell, Joe Blount, Randy Inman, Terry Pickard, Karen Brock, Dan Schellenberger,

Angela and Gail Anthony and Gary & Vicky Barrow.

Our next meeting will be February 28, 2015














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