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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.


5d Year, 6th Minutes for the Queen’s Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

May 25, 2013


Old or Ongoing Business:

Still waiting for a good time for us to lay blocks for the club bathroom.

New Business:

Many were missing because of family issues.  Possible opportunities to expose the club and sell honey were discussed:  Blueberry Festival, Rattle Snake, Plow Days in Jay Florida, Boy Scouts Troop's events, or Expo outside booth were possibilities.

Where do bees go to live after they leave our hives; buildings, trees or anything big enough to house the bees?

Chemicales in some plants are leading to death to bees.  It is put in the seeds and ends up in the pollen.  The bees gather the pollen and take it back tot he hive.  The bees die from eating the pollen.

Outdoor Expo is next month.  Extraction times - before lunch and after 3;30pm for all three days.  Help is needed to man the booth.  Keith, Gary & Vicky will be here about 8am Tuesday to layout our booth in the vegetable stand.

Board of Directors is needed to make hard decisions for our club.  Four Board of Directors were selected to meet in the near futre to draw up constitution & bylaws for our club.  Those include Lucy Blount, Jimmie Winters, Karuna McAllister & Don Helton.  Jimmie  will call or email me with date, time & place for them to meet.

Seven supers were taken off & extracted.

Great Meeting and another wonderful meal shared by all.

Present at our meeting was Lucy Blount, OJ Blount, Keith Robinson, Donna Blair, Sharon Campbell, Jason Piland, Gary Barrow, Vicky Barrow, Don Helton, Karuna McAllister, Jimmie Winters and his boys, James and Carol Turk.





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