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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

Queen's Castle Beekeepers Association

2nd Year, 9th Minutes, 27 October, 2012

21980 U.S. Hwy. 29, Andalusia, AL 36420

334/222-0751 334/376-9824
New Business

Our president, Keith Robinson, talked about the State Beekeepers Convention that was held a few weeks earlier, in Montgomery, Alabama.  He told us about some of the classes that were offered, and the topics that were discussed.  Also, one of the benefits of going to the convention is that you receive a book of names, addresses and phone numbers of the beekeepers in Alabama.

He also encouraged us to register our hives with the state.  The cost to join the Alabama’s Beekeepers Association is $10 and you get the “The Stinger” magazine each month.

Several of our members won door prizes at the Convention.

Keith brought back extra copies of beekeeper supply catalogs to give out.  He also talked about what each catalog had, although no one has Mr. OJ’s top and bottom hives.

Mrs. Lucy showed us a picture that someone at the Convention had given her.  It was painted by “The Bee Lady”.  We decided to save it to put  in our new Club House.

We now have 24 members, and Dana Thrower ask all the members to let her know, if they want any changes made to their individual posters.  She will get everything together, and Keith will do the art work.  She is also putting together information for beginner beekeepers.

It was also suggested we have a more detailed calendar schedule for each month.

Keith said that Willis Cobb, the person he gave several swarms of bees to this year, uses a king of microscopic glass in his bottom tray, instead of lime.  He’s to find out the name of it for us.

Some of the other topics discussed were:  what to do if foul brew is found in our hives; how to get rid of mites; the difference between caucasian bees and I Italian bees; different plants we can plant for the bees t have all year long (partridge peas, chinese honeysuckle, may haws and open face camellias, among others)

Possibly, someone from the state level (NRCS) will be here in January or February 2012.  They will let us know if there is anyway, financially, they can help us in our beekeeping.

Millie Bee will also be coming back, with his five frame nucs for sale.

If we have a Kid’s Day next year, it will be in March or April.

McKenzie has asked us to set up a booth at their next Arts and Crafts market, which will be on November 10, 2012 at the McKenzie High School.

We will have our regular beekeeping meeting on November 24, 2012 and we are planning a “Club House Work Day” on December 8, 2012.

Mrs. Lucy gave the treasury report.  We have $480.69 in our account.

Keith gave the blessing, and everyone enjoyed a delicious meal.

We the3n went outside to take the honey and comb from Top Bar Hives, but after removing one super and blowing the bees out, we realized the weather was too cool.

Those present were: Keith Robinson, OJ and Lucy Blount, Joe Blount, Nell Davis, Sara Winters, Tamarra Winters and her boys Brandon an Tre, John Kilmer, Claude Nall, Caymond Hodge, Dana Thrower and son Ozy, Sharon Campbell, and Vick and Gary Barrow.




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