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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

Queen's Castle Beekeepers Association

2nd Year, 6th Minutes, June 30, 2012

21980 U.S. Hwy. 29, Andalusia, AL 36420

334/222-0751 334/376-9824
Old or Ongoing Business
Reminder to everyone to bring some of their own honey to put on our display shelf.
OJ and Lucy continue to work hard to improve our meeting area. We will begin having meetings outside as weather permits. And we will most likely be visiting the bees as weather permits, so bring your protection.
New Business
This month we had our first annual “Kids Day” program in place of our regular meeting. We had about 15 children and about 20 adults to attend and we all thought it was a success.
Sharon Barrow greeted everyone and gave a short introduction about our beekeeping association and how important bees are to our environment. She invited the children to move from booth to booth to learn different lessons about bees.
Booth #1 was learning the difference between a queen, a drone and a worker bee and what their job is in the hive. They learned how a bee stinger works and got to inspect a real (dead) bee up close with a magnifying glass. This booth was manned by Donna Blair.
The second booth was manned by Vicky Barrow and Sharon Campbell. They talked about pollination and how many of our plants are pollinated by bees, how they pollinate, what pollen looks and tastes like and what colors bees can actually see well. They also learned how bees gather nectar and how very many trips they have to make to get enough nectar to the hive to make just one teaspoonful of honey.
In Booth #3, Gary Barrow showed all the different parts of a beehive and explained their use and talked about the tools beekeepers use such as the smoker and the hive tool and Emma Crook demonstrated how to use a bee suit to keep from getting stung so much.
The final booth was how to extract honey. Susan and Kip Carter brought their manual extractor and each child got to turn the crank and extract some honey which they drained into cups and got to sample. This was probably the most popular booth of the day!
O J brought a selection of his queen castle hives and gave a demonstration on why he developed his hives this way and how beneficial they are for the bees. This was mostly for the adults and he had a question and answer time that everyone enjoyed. He also brought an observation hives and the adults enjoyed looking at the “Ladies of Honor” as well as the kids!
We had a delicious hot dog lunch with all the trimmings cooked on the grill by Jason Piland. Lucy provided ice cream and there were several other desserts...let’s just say, no one went home hungry!
Our first “Kids Day” was a huge success. We had fun, it WAS a lot of hard work, and we learned what to do differently next year.
We signed up two new members and the bees made lots of new friends! Thank you to ALL who helped and to all who came and brought kids!
Those in attendance were: Don Helton, Austin Gibbs, Jim Ledbetter, Donna Blair, Jason Piland, Jimmie Winters, Sarah Winters and Jimmy and Brandon, Taffee Oates, Ronnie Brannon, Kip Carter, Susan Carter, Noah Curry, Deborah Parkinson, Serge Nazario, OJ Blount, Lucy Blount, Amy,Dan,Madison Lambeth, Gary and Vicky Barrow, Sharon Campbell, Elisabeth Mitchell, Casey,Josh,Kirstin,Kaleigh,Michael,Sam Hurst, Robert Inmon.




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