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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.

Queen's Castle Beekeepers Association

2nd Year, 4th Minutes, April 28, 2012

21980 U.S. Hwy. 29, Andalusia, AL 36420

Old or Ongoing Business

Continue to bring some of your own honey to display on our shelf.

OJ and Lucy continue to work hard to improve our meeting area. We will continue having meetings outside as weather permits, and we will most likely be doing hands-on projects with the bees, so bee sure to bring your protection!

Dana suggested that on future membership cards that it should state how long the each person has been a member of the club (such as, chater member or member since 2010)

New Business

Keith called the meeting to order and opened with prayer.

The minutes of the March 31,2012 were read and approved.

Lucy gave the treasury report and it was approved. We approved buying stamps so that we can mail out meeting reminders each month to try and get more members to attend meetings. Dana has provided the club with envelopes for us to use for this. We discussed reimbursing Sharon for her expenses taking pictures for the club. We also talked about putting these pictures on a storage device so that we can view them on the TV or a PC at our meetings, since not many people get to actually see the pictures unless they are printed out.

Keith talked about CCD and where it got started. He read an article by David Hackleburg, who is an avid beekeeper and spokesperson for the bees. He is going before Congress to protest the use of pesticides on crops that bees pollinate. We should all be aware that these pesticides are harming our bees and try to see that they are not used around where our bees are kept.

Keith and Don Helton gave a talk on bee sting therapy. Don brought a book on the subject and several people were very interested in this new form of pain therapy...so much so that they went outside and let Don sting them in places where they were having pain. They will report whether or not this helped with their pain.

OJ talked about the Covington Sportsman's Expo that will be held in July. He and Lucy have purchased a booth for this event and will be displaying their hives and info on bees and beekeeping. This Expo will be held on the same weekend as our July meeting and it was suggested that we have our meeting at the Expo. This will give OJ and Lucy a break if some of us can man the booth for a while that Saturday. OJ has made a large sign to display at the booth on which are sections for any of our members who want to, to make an 8x10 sign or picture to advertise our honey or other bee products, or just to let everyone know that you have bees, so be working on your sign and get it to OJ before the expo.

Dana suggested that we should have a "work day" to try and get the bathrooms finished for "Kids Day". Everyone who can should come and help on May 12 or May 19.

Our web site is up and running, thanks to Randall Shaffer. He still needs input from everyone and pictures and ideas. You can find it at Queenscastlebeekeepersassociation.com

We have talked about having a "Kids Day" in June and everyone needs to bring ideas for this and be prepared to man a booth to demonstrate your idea. It was suggested that we should have an observation hive and OJ said he has one.

We adjourned to a delicious lunch and then some members went outside to help OJ take off several supers of honey that was ready to extract.

Those in attendance were: Keith, Lucy, OJ, Dana and 4 visitors, Randy Shaffer, Jimmy, Don, Gary and Vicky, Sharon, Jason, Randy Inmon and myself.

Our next meeting will be May 26.














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