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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.


2nd Year, 3rd Minutes, March 31, 2012
21980 U.S. Hwy. 29, Andalusia, AL 36420
334/222-0751 334/376-9824

Old or Ongoing Business

Reminder to everyone to bring some of their own honey to put on our display shelf.

OJ and Lucy to work hard to improve our meeting area. We will begin having meetings outside as weather permits. And we will most likely be visiting the bees also, so bring your protection.

New Business

Keith called the meeting to order and opened with prayer.

Minutes of the February 25, 2012 meeting were read and approved.

Lucy gave the treasury report and it was approved. We now have over $600 in our account.

OJ gave a presentation on how he developed his queen's castle hive over the years. Putting a 4x4 post in the ground with a platform for the hive to sit on helps keep ants and other pests from getting into the hive, especially if you put old diesel fuel or oil around the bottom of the post. He talked about how he designed his bottom board to have a 1/4 inch entrance opening that lessens the job that the guard bees have to do. He also explained the function of the 5/32 grid screen he uses on the bottom board which will allow mites,beetles and other pests to fall through to the lime covered board underneath the hive. He demonstrated how he feeds his bees with jars of sugar water placed in holes he made in the top board. The bees are fed inside the hive which cuts down on robbing and just makes it easier for the bees to get to the syrup. He has been very successful in selling his hives and directions to build his hives all over the country.

Keith gave a demonstration about what to put in your swarm kit. If you will have everything in one place ready to go, it will much easier to catch those swarms. In his kit he has his smoker, bee brush, a chain saw, lopers to cut smaller tree limbs, wrenches or other metal to bang together to encourage bees to land, a drill and screws to fasten the hive together when you need to move it to it's permanent location or ratchet straps can also be used for this, and of course, your veil and gloves. He also pointed out that a rifle might come in handy if you need to get bees off a very high tree limb.

There was a discussion about splitting a hive to prevent swarming.

OJ said the most important thing you can do for your bees is to have something planted for them to eat all year long.

We also talked about going to schools in the area to give presentations about how important bees are to us and possibly starting a scholarship program to help get a young person started in beekeeping.

We adjourned and had a delicious lunch.

There were 15 in attendance: Keith Robinson, OJ and Lucy Blount, Jason Piland Gary and Vicky Barrow, Jimmie and Sarah Winters, Cathy Carter, Dana and Robert Fowler and son, Randall Shaffer, visitor - Jack Ammons and myself.

Donna Blair, Secretary














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