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Queen's Castle Beekeepers Assoc.


3rd Minuets for the Queen Castle Beekeepers Assoc

28 October 2010

1980 U. S. Hwy 29, Andalusia, AL 36420, 334-222-0751/376-9824

Again we met inside safe from the elements. The minuets from last month were read and accepted as is.

Old Business:
Club will attempt to contact everyone that is on our lists next month and in future months. Some were concerned about Yellow Jackets and Wasp, so OJ taught us that they are a beekeeper’s friend. They kill the worms in the larva stage before they can become a pest to the bees. No bank account, Keith needs to drive to Andalusia to open the account. CCB looks like the right bank. Still need to finish club by-laws.

New Business:
Lucy mentioned that the new building for our club is staked out for us to see up by where we met in warmer weather. It will be built with bathroom and kitchen for the club to use.

Keith gave a briefing on the State Convention. He told us about all the classes and about what you learn from just by being there. It is great to talk to as many experienced beekeepers as you can. And the materials you get at registration are worth the trip. The conference book contains all the names, addresses and phone numbers of the registered beekeepers, so you can contact them throughout the year. The special classes were Beginning Beekeeping, Cooking with Honey, Children’s Program, How to make lip balm, lotions and gift baskets, Making soap, Creamed Honey, and Candle Making. Some brought honey to be judged by global standards of judging so not every category got a ribbon. The speakers came from Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia and from Alabama. Dr. Keith Delaplane, UGA, was the key speaker and talked about: Pollinator Decline and Why it Matters, the national CAP, colony collapse program, honey bee health, and research updates nationally and in our area. And of course all the venders and the equipment they brought to us free of freight charges.

Future Classes is still TBD. One is splitting hives in the spring time. This is contrary to our Queen Castle System so it is not a high priority to teach. You never need to split a hive when you use the Natural way of beekeeping. OJ and Lucy said that key to our system is the screen top and the metal bottom board to keep us from going into the hive and disturbing the queen. But commercial beekeepers need to split to micromanage their hives. It was suggested that we go and visit Doc Bullard to see how he does it. He lives in Pensacola and is available to share his techniques.
Now is the time to plant you sweet and white clovers, do not wait much longer. It needs to establish its root system before the first frost. OJ also talked about Japanese Tallow, Japanese Honeysuckle, vitex ester, stick weed are some of the key blooming plants for bees.

Preparing for spring. OJ said winter is a great time to prepare for spring. You get the equipment prepared and stored until it is needed. You cannot wait until the bees are swarming to build boxes and frames it is too late. You can use large, black leaf type bags to store the equipment in. To keep wax moths from damaging the waxed suppers, use Moth Ball flakes in your storage area to keep them away. You can also trap the moths using a black light and a tray (cookie sheet) with water and a small layer of oil on top of the water. To get rid of roaches you have to use spray poisons. Try not to get the poison on the equipment. And use one of your screen tops on the top of stacked boxes to help keep insects out too.

OJ also suggested that every beekeeper subscribe to good beekeeping magazines like Bee Culture and American Bee Journal. You should get 25 % off for being a club member. They will give you a lot of good information to complement what you get at our meetings.
Our next meeting will be 27 Nov at 10:00 am.

Present were OJ Blount, Lucy Evans, Keith Robinson, Bobby Baker, Terry Crawford, Donna Blair and Jason Piland, John Whitfield, and Jerry and Kim Chi Summers. Hope I got everyone.




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